Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I've been trying to figure out a way to organize my crafts and needle work... this isn't exactly a work in progress... but really it is.

Here is a for now solution:

My dining room table with basket of yarn, boxes of junk and some projects - at least they are in 1 place

I used a small yellow flower pot to hold my hooks, needles and scissors

This is the good ole basket of yarn

And here is what needs a nice organized pretty box to hide, my ribbon, sewing stuff, paints, brushes, glue gun, glue sticks, fabric glue, etc...

And here are 2 bags of old WIPs finally finished. My headbands are pretty much done. I have 3 left that are WIPs but I needed a break. One pattern for too long gets boring.

And I'm trying to make this bag... the pattern is from Stitch n' Bitch: Happy Hooker I hope it comes out good. I have about 20 rows done. I started it last night at the 1st Stitch n' Bitch meet up. I wish I took pics last night but I totally forgot.

Here is the project at the moment.

Here it is up close. It's basically 1/2 double crochets

Here is a photo of the book's picture. I'm going to attach the flower and not the ribbon to mine. I chose my own colors and type of yarn as well.

Here is a close up of both versions

And here is a last picture... I hope it comes out at least close

as always you can click the pictures to see them larger

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