Friday, April 23, 2010

They got jokes...

So yeah, I have a big group of 'friends'. They aren't the best, they aren't the closest, but we talk... daily. We joke, daily... we enjoy each other... daily... but sometimes the jokes... I can't find them funny.

One on going joke seems to be regarding roofies and rape. I can't find that funny... ever. I can't be comfortable joking about it. I can't find it okay.

The other is abortion, not procreating, eating babies, or throwing yourself down the stairs if you are preggo. I can't find that funny either. And I'm pro-choice. But I think women... good women, make that choice with a heavy heart. It's not a joke.

So yeah - I wonder. When they joke... are they pretending to be cool or are they okay with this? Do they say it on the outside but don't mean it on the inside? Or is this the type of people they are.

I don't know... it makes me sad that people think or talk like that. That's all.

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