Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping with the sister & cousins

Was a success despite the rain and despite the indecision. I've learned a few things during the trip though - my family is very indecisive. I have no patience for indecisiveness. I get cranky when overheating. I can cheer up pretty quickly. Very few people in my family are leaders and instead like to just chill out and follow along.

Because of these things, I tend to have to plan camping trips months and months in advance. It's generally because people like to answer invitations with responses like "Whenever, I'm free" or "Whatever you all want to do" - when you get all responses back like that - you are at a loss and don't know how to move forward. Especially when you are the one doing all the leg work. So because of that we didn't get a water front site but the site was non-the-less amazing considering how crowded the campground was. We also ended up going rafting because the only person who told me a preference was Christina so since she had an opinion, it's what we went with.

Lucky enough, despite my pleading to make a decision on what to do on Saturday... a 90+ degree day - no one made a decision. So after I completely went into cranky mode, we took a ride down to the adventure center and just made it to be one of the last trips to do tubing down the river. It definitely wasn't exhilarating, but it was cooling - especially on that very hot day.

Rafting was a wash... literally. We basically got rained out less than a mile into the trip. But we still had fun... at least everyone except Bryan who insisted we bail out as soon as we saw a place to do so, which we did. And of course it stopped raining shortly after we got back to camp and found all of our towels soaked.

Monday was promising - gorgeous sunny weather with no humidity. Of course this was the weather we had to go home in... of all days! Anyway it was still fun and hopefully in September we'll have another trip to look forward to. On that Paul can go to.

I have to admit, Paul has the ideal camping personality. He gets everyone motivated. He is quick to make decisions. And when people seem lost or down, he is quick to be the goof ball and get them back up again. Too bad I don't have this personality.

Maybe one day ... I'll be invited to someone elses camping trip and can just follow along. Or maybe my control freak personality won't consider that fun.

In any event, another camping trip under our belts was a success and despite all the rain, we survived it all smiling.

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