Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homemade Soap

I'm pretty excited - my soap order has come in and I can't wait to get started testing some small samples. I figure I'll make a bar or 2 of each sent I like and use it in the shower and make sure I don't go too heavy on the pigment or the essential oils.

I'm planning on making each of my guests an aroma therapy bath soap bar as a wedding favor. I figure that's exactly what people need after a day grinding their muscles on the hill.

I purchased my base, my pigment and my scents but there are a few things I still need. I need a soap mold and a soap cutter. I'd love a mitre and soap cutter, but if I can't, I'll make due with a silicone mold, though I've heard some people have issues with sticking.

I also would like a food scale, but if I can't I'll make due.

What I absolutely need are a small spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, cellophane, and a mold of some sort ... any mold would do to test small batches. Maybe a brownie mold with a coupon at AC Moore.

Hopefully my soap making can begin this weekend and will be a hit! Small batches ...

I also need to start thinking of the packaging. The overall mold will affect this. Cellophane will need to be used 1st to ensure the soap won't dry out or sweat with changing temperatures. Then maybe ivory paper with a navy belly band and thank you sticker or stamp.

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