Monday, August 2, 2010

This Summer

Hasn't been anything like I had expected. Paul had an internship in Chicago which meant the summer here in NY alone. My family is still a hot mess. My funds are pretty much at zero due to the wedding. My outdoor activities were kept to a minimum. My car was acting up. My lease was being ridiculous to renew. NY had numerous heat waves. BP destroyed the gulf with oil. My motivation has been it at all time low.

I was hoping for weekends at the beach. Long weekends kayaking and camping. Picnics. A healthier appetite. Friends.

I expected different.

I'm doing some of it... just not as often or in the way I expected.

Oh well - I can't wait till the summer is over. I generally hate the summer. Those above activities are a nice distraction to get me through it. Please bring back reasonable temperatures!

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