Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trails & Food Tasting

Getting married far from home does cause one issue... cost is high. I haven't chosen a menu yet because I haven't tasted the food. I haven't decided on my hair yet, because I haven't had a trial. All that would cost us some money... because we'd have to fly into Denver, rent a car and stay in a hotel.

I personally think it's worth it. Especially the food tasting. Paul on the other hand, does not. I can go by myself, but he doesn't think that makes sense either. I don't see why not.

I'm worried that if we don't taste the food, we may not chose the right thing. I care more about the food than the trial. I'm so confused. If we go there, maybe we can bring some of the things we will be needing with us and leave it there, thus lowering our shipping and check in costs later. Who knows...

flights at $269 X2 = $538
Hotel for 3 nights $453 (may be cheaper b/c Erin offered discounted rates)
Car rental for 3 days at $140

that leaves a grand total of $1,131 not including food.

I know we can afford it, but is it worth it? We can also stay at another resort that we've stayed in already for $210.93 for the same time period.

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