Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's not very often

That you hear a girl born and raised in the best city in the world (NYC & you know it's true) say all she wants is to go country.

I have some NYC friends who have always said I was a country girl trapped in a city life.

I can't agree - I'm more like a city girl with a country flare. I true country gal would say I was a stiletto heel wearing city girl and a city girl would call me ... well confused.

But lets face it... small town country has charm. It truly does. I can't quite explain it but ... let me tell you what I want.

barefoot. fields. grass. wildflowers. mountains. country music. boots. cowboy hats. animals. bbq. beer. family. love. sun. snow. open space. clean air.

And much much more. Unfortunately but completely fortunately, I'm marrying a man who is definitely a city boy. And I'm okay with that... because I also know we are the most compromising couple ever!

I truly hope that we will be able to move out west and find a wonderful home in a suburban area (rural to us NYers) but that's a reasonable commute to the city (most likely not the best city, but city non-the-less).

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