Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dream Nuptuals

Far before we were engaged... we already talked about our dream nuptials... While scanning some old posts, I came across this:
Today Paul said, “… I mean, we gotta check the
place out at some point, no?” to which I responded,
“…why, when are we getting married, you are Mass. Bound”
to which he then rebutted, “don’t you worry about the little
details. We gotta start doing our homework, though.”

It's funny how things workout. I wrote that about 3 months before our engagement. We had been talking about it far before that. And now we have less then 5 months till our wedding.

In that post I say that we tossed around January 2010 for a date, but we weren't far off.... January 2011. Yes, we will continue to be long distance after we are married, but only for a short 4 months.

So we aren't having that ski chalet wedding at the Stowehoff Inn ... Instead we are having it at a lovely resort in Breckenridge, CO. In the middle of January ... tucked into the base of Breckenridge Mountain's peak 9. YEY!

So yeah we aren't having what we thought we'd be having but we are having our DREAM wedding! And though it's not our guests dream... they need to understand that this is ours.

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