Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paper everywhere!

Yesterday, I took advantage of some free printing services AKA my printer at work. I was able to print wedding maps, website cards, time lines, welcome notes & I Spy games. It was lovely... especially since my printer at home has been on the fritz and Paul wants to kill it. Not to mention the ridiculous cost of ink.

So upon coming home... skipping that much needed manicure & pedicure to tackle some crazy wedding chores, I was overwhelmed with this great smell! The smell of dinner. The smell of dinner made for you by someone who loves you and didn't want you to have to come home after work and cook on a hot humid day. The smell of love! After scarfing down on some great food I washed the dishes, rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

With Paul's help, we began to measure, weight and convert. We were making 2 more bars of test soap. We finally got it right. A nice iridescent indigo soap that smells like white tea and ginger. It's fun, it's yummy, it smells good enough to eat. They've been carefully wrapped in plastic and are awaiting their paper sleeves and ribbon. Once we get those measurements right, we will cut those up ahead of time so that we aren't stressed closer to the date of the wedding. What we can do ahead, we are doing ahead.

After the soapy love we moved on to the labels which was a horrendous disaster. The Avery template was off, my printer was not cooperating, and our patience was running thin. We finally gave up and decided instead we should concentrate on the more important tasks. I began cutting maps, welcome notes, website cards & time lines. They came out very good - almost professional. The maps are the only thing I wish were more crisp. The edging was too narrow, but I wanted to print four per page. It's more important to me to not waste paper than to have the perfect paper invitation. So I won't stress it. Besides, it's for directions anyway!

As I was cutting, Paul was playing around with the labels. He soon gave up and I put him to the task of addressing envelopes. We both have decent handwriting. We are neat but not consistent. Either way, they are not wedding invitation worthy. We ran a nice script in word and printed them directly on the envelopes. It looks fine. It was far cheaper than $2/envelope at a calligrapher. Unfortunately 1/2 way though, the printer started jamming. Paul was getting frustrated, and I was going cross eyed from all the cutting. We decided it was time to quit.

We stopped what we were doing, put the stuff away, I took out my crochet and Paul played xbox till bed time.

Not a bad day. Very productive.

Next up - finishing addressing envelopes and adding postage
& ring shopping!

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