Sunday, August 1, 2010

What do you do...

When your mother's jealousy reaches new heights.

My mom... well she wasn't around a lot but we are close. We are friends. She is the mother of my siblings which are the most important people in my life. But her jealousy over her mother who raised me... is unyielding.

She has reached an all time low this weekend when she declared that she is disowning me and my sister (of her 1st marriage). Why, you might wonder, would a mother disown her children for the 6th or 7th time in their lifetime when they are already at an age of independence?... 27 and 28 to be exact. Because she is jealous. She clearly states that we've chosen our mother... in our grandmother who raised us. Therefore she two is going to make a choice. A choice of my little brother and sister (from her 3rd marriage) over us. Because we teach them the wrong things. We teach them to have loyalty for someone other than their mother.

Yes, my friends. These are the words of a lunatic. She then went on to say that we are selfish (what a joke). You've never met two more selfless individuals than in my sister and I when it comes to family. And that she won't be attending my wedding and regrets having set foot in my sister's. Mothers... they don't do that. So clearly her disowning us... again... is just another demented thing she's done. What really turns the knife in my chest is that she is using my brother and sister, yet again, to hurt us. My brother and sister are my world! I cannot picture getting married without their little souls by my side.

My mom said many other harsh words this weekend... but all I want to know is if I can have my family, my real family, by my side. Because without L,A & K - my wedding would be far less meaningful.

Lets see how long she lasts standing her ground... she always needs something eventually - money, a babysitter, etc... and when that time comes she will somehow twist the events to feel like you were wrong and she is gracious enough to forgive you. Have any of you ever read "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest"? If you haven't, you should. My Mother is Nurse Ratched ... not Mommy Dearest. I'm surprised she hasn't called for my lobotomy yet.

I thank God for providing me with such wonderful grandparents, amazing siblings, and a strong will. I think God for providing for me the most basic needs any human being needs. And I think God for helping me get through any rough patches along the way. But I ask God to please help my brother and sister see through the darkness my Mother puts in front of them and see through the walls she's trying to build to continually look to my sister and I as truly loving sisters. Their family. Their friends. And two people who would simply do anything for them.

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