Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Bedroom?!

So ... it's official. Paul and I are moving to Boston ... at least semi-permanently. Let's say 2 years at the very least to start. Anyway... one of my conditions was that we rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the suburbs rather than a shoebox 1 bedroom in the city. Paul seemed to agree. After all... our family and friends will need a place to stay when they come and visit.

The thought of this extra space excites me! 1st off... we have tons of things with no home... like sports equipment (Snowboard, camping, baseball & soccer to name a few), and we have our hobbies... or at least I do (knitting & crochet). And let's face it... my yarn fetish got out of hand and I began reading again... and can't hook fast enough to get through it all.


The thought of all this extra space has inspired some storage ideas. So let me begin with this... Paul, please look at this as a positive and not a negative. I am not a hoarder... at least not yet.

So we are hoping that this spare bedroom acts as ... well spare bedroom/office. I envision a day bed with trundle, desk & dresser or wardrobe. Hopefully we can fit that in there without the room feeling tight. Which is partially why I'd prefer the daybed/trundle combo over a full or queen bed.

In the closet, I'd love to store our endless supply of sports equipment. It would be great to be able to hang our snowboard outerwear during the winter season, without having to pack it away in luggage after every weekend. It would also be nice to have bins with our various out of season equipment (mits, cleats, etc...). source

I also want to put in some hanging closet organizers to store my yarn. I will admit my yarn is a mess. I thought that putting them in baskets would solve the problem, but honestly, it's only made it worse... because now they tangle everywhere. I need to get them into individual ziplocks for now... but I want a system that works... and will make things easy to grab when I need them. I believe that this will also help me avoid getting discouraged from projects that I've put down for a bit. Who wants to undo that horrendous knot? So these shoe/sweater closet organizers seems like the smartest solution... like this person did here.

that would fit almost all the yarn I have. It would be in a neat and tidy place and it wouldn't be getting all dusty and in the way either! It seems like a perfect solution.

I guess I'm trying to be realistic.. the room will likely be very small - so the above floor plan is probably the best we can do with the space. And if we must... we can forego the dresser as we wont be expecting long term visitors that will need empty dressers. Or we can always find another place for the computer - but that does seem like a waste of space. I'd like the room to be used more than just when guests arrive.

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