Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy.... for baby stuff?

Window shopping for a non-existent baby is akin to window shopping wedding gowns before an engagement. It's lunacy. So explain to me why I'm perusing

I don't know myself. But it's so interesting... and fun to just look. Maybe I'll be more prepared when the time comes? Wishful thinking.

Most people think of colors... and I want them bright... but natural. Is that possible?

I want bedding... that's organic! Check out this below (and click to see it on the website).

They sell organic bedding in quite a few places now... but the designs are usually drab or boring. I want the bedding to still be fun!

Or how about the cutest, yet safe, highchair to help feed baby? I hate the look of the plastic highchairs and this carter's highchair is so beautiful and perfect! Now if only a child to place in it.

The baby monitors they have no are insanely high tech. That's something to think about eventually... you know... once I'm pregnant?

And wow how fun are the organic bath products. The green towels and robes, the organic soaps... well I'm sure I'll end up with Dr. Bronner's products but... still... lavender and chamomile... mmmm.

I'm done being a crazy person now! :)

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