Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mo's Day

Actually it was Mother's Day... and it was good. It started out stressful but soon proved to be fun. We had a BBQ at my uncle's house... where all the mom's gathered.

The cutest part of the day... besides my little brother of course... was when Paul said "Happy Mother's Day" to which I said... "I'm not a mother" and he said.... "Yet."

It made me smile. He knows how ready I am to start a family... and moving away from ours makes the urge ever stronger... to plant roots, to grow, to thrive.

We had 3 generations...

And 2 sides of a family

And My Mom drove down... though she didn't want to. She seems happy enough.

We painted bird mansions

And ate lots of summery food

Even Lauren pulled her self away from Chem to have a shish-kabob

We definitely goofed off... and threw K into the basketball hoop

He loved it!

boys are definitely strange....

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