Thursday, May 19, 2011

One More New Apartment Crochet Project

Calling all friends to give me your old sheets and t-shirts PLEASE!

I'd like to make the bathroom rugs out of upcycled t-shirts and sheets. With what I have I'll be making little rags, rugs, and well ... more rugs and rags. So please send them over my way! Me and my feet will be happy!

Can you believe all these rugs below are made from old crappy t-shirts that were going to go in the trash? So beautiful! So colorful! So awesome! Click on the photo for the source.

This one is crocheted
This one is knitted
This one etsy seller tie-dyes the tshirt strips before making her rug. That's an awesome idea too! (I think this is braided)

And this one is made from sheets - which is a great rug idea but not for the bathroom as I imagine they are less absorbent, unless they are jersey sheets!

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