Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Bed Fever

So the other day ... I send Paul an email with a link to a gorgeous leather day bed. It was so cute and spectacular. It's a twin with a trundle... perfect for guests. More perfect... is that it would fit into a nursery for when guests came over or when there are just those nights that you can't get away.

No I'm not pregnant... but we are really close to being ready to try. And we are making our long term investments based on a young growing outgoing family... not on a young adventurous couple. Luckily there are only few differences... for example:

We know we'll need a new car soon... would we love that little gas friendly hatchback? SURE! But it's not really conducive to a family with an active lifestyle... so we are thinking... more subaru outback wagon... we have the space + AWD = space for a car seat AND a snowboard! Hey at least it's not a minivan!

Another thing is guest room furniture. Granted, we can use what we have for now, but I do want to buy real furniture for the guest room. So the daybed popped into my head... it's a twin with a 2nd twin underneath... perfect for guests. It's compact, perfect to fit into nursery. And in the mean time... it's compact, perfect to fit into a small home office! It's kind of ideal you must admit! And this one is so pretty! I suppose it's not very young looking though... for a nursery. So I suppose something a little lighter wood would be more appropriate... or something cherry. Oh how I love cherry furniture!

If we get something like this... in the cherry... we can get a crib in a matching shade of wood. And it would lend itself to a cohesive room. I'd love a new bedroom set for Paul and I... but for right now, I think we'll need to make due with our current furniture. At least until we settle on a permanent house.

I do think we need to seriously consider a sofa change though. Ours is literally falling apart... was a hand me down from Paul and Andy's Michigan apartment... and is ratty and stained... not to mention it's not my style... at all. I like Sofa & Loveseat combination far more than sectionals. Sectionals are definitely modern but hardly versatile. They always seem to dictate how we set up our livingroom. It drives me nuts.

In time...

Well as of right now.. having 2 bedrooms is the only thing exciting me about this move... well that and living with Pauly again.

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