Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have long hair... I mean LONG... down to the butt crack long. And well... I hardly wash it... lets say ... once a week. But I think I'm going to stop washing it with shampoo all together.

Paul is probably disgusted right now. I've been known to make him sniff my head to see if it smells like a ratty old hat. If he says yes... I wash it within 24 hours. If he says no... I wash it... eventually.

Shampoo is essentially a detergent... harsh, filled with chemicals. Nothing natural about it! I buy semi organic... but still. Our bodies are conditioned to react to what we put on it. After almost 29 years of shampoo... my scalp produces lots of oils... so that my scalp and head don't get all dried out and scaley.

Well - I still ended up with dried out scales... even when only washing every other to every 3rd day. I find the need to soak my scalp in a mixture of oils over night to save it from flaking up. And my hair just becomes a limp stringy mess...

So I'm going to try this au natural thing... and give it a go. Lets see if it works out.

I'm going to stop using shampoo all together and rinse my hair with a baking soda & water solution every 4 days or so as needed... until I can figure out a good mix. I'm sure the 1st 2-3 weeks will be interesting but hey... it's saving the environment, my head, my hair... and well... my money!

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