Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I love home design blogs. Especially those that instill more than just a home decor type of inspiration... but where the decore itself inspires.

From A Soft Place to Land I saw art like this and was truly inspired. This site inspires me all the time... to recycle. To make something old beautiful again. To decorate on a budget. To live free and let be.

I know I want to be a mother... almost as much as I want to be a wife. I want this... I love the child I'll have even before I've tried to have him/her. Paul and I have even chosen childrens names. I want nothing more than for God to bless us with beautiful, healthy, gifts of life. And when he does, this will be hanging in their nursery.
I'd love for this to be something inspirational to read in our entry way. Something to remind us of who we need to aspire to be... our best selves... each and every day.

And for some reason I just love these... they are so adorable with such a beautiful message. I don't necessarily want these in my home... but I want something homemade inspired by these. Maybe I can enlist my sister's help. She is magnificently talented.

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