Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunk Beds

Growing up... we lived in a very full house... with my grandparents, great grandparents, 2 uncles, our mom and the occasional long-term relative recently come from the Philippines. So we had a very full house. Despite the house being large it only had 2 standard sized bedrooms, one small room, and a finished basement. Before we were born, our family finished the attic as well. 1 Uncle in the attic, one in the basement, my grandparents in the master & my great grandparents in the 2nd largest room. My mom was in the mini-sized room. And then there was Lauren and I.

So us two were like vagabonds in our own home. The credenza in the dining room was our dresser. And we had these deliciously solid wood bunk beds. At a time, they were L shaped in my mother's nook that just fits a twin going either width wise or length wise. She slept with my sister in the bottom bunk and I was up top. Then the bunks were moved into my grandparents room where they rested against the windows next to their bed. And eventually after my great grandparents passed away, were cut into 2 separate twin beds and placed in their room, a room for us to share... and after that, moved into the attic. Where we shared a room.

Bunk beds were part of our growing up. We may not have had a bedroom. We may have had to run downstairs to the dining room in our panties to get a clean pair of socks. But we always had our bunks... even when we found ourselves sleeping on a banig on the floor.

I think sharing a room with so many people... in particular, my sister, taught me a lot. It taught me to be strong willed... during those times she'd wake me asking to crawl in next to me. I'd 1st say no! It taught me to be soft... when I'd eventually give in and let her cuddle up next to me... telling her that her butt was not allowed to touch me! And it taught me to be forgiving, understanding, sharing, caring, and most of all... decisive. We had little space and decisions constantly had to be made... your side, my side, this stays that goes etc...

I want my kids to share rooms. It's a luxury to have your own space... it truly is. But it's so isolating. Maybe it's something that can come as a teenager or as a college student... but until then... I'd like them to share. To cooperate with one another. To learn what it's like to bunk up. After all, it's like a sleepover with your best friend every night. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes you fight, but ultimately, you always love each other.

So with that... I bunks

Bunk source This bunk is set for girls... which is obvious in the bedding, room color and knob choice, but it's customizable. The bunk itself is what I'm after... and here's why. I love that it has stairs... not a ladder. Which means even your younger kids can feel safe climbing up top. I love that the stairs are storage drawers... perfect for PJ's and sweaters. I love the desk... what better place to sit and draw, paint, and do homework. And I do love that little nook for the bottom bunk... to rest a book.

Bunk Source
This bunk reminds me of my childhood in it's rustic simplicity. It has that woody feel. I like that it still has those stairs vs the ladder and ... that they are storage as well. I like that it is bed over bed rather than L shaped and I like the drawers underneath. Perfect for ensure children don't crawl under... especially little ones chasing after rolled toys. And those PJ drawers ain't so bad either!

The down side of these fabulous bunks are the price... darn they are expensive... but hey sometimes you have to buy quality. Our child hood bunk... though now 2 separate twins are 2 sturdy lovely pieces of furniture, which are still used in the guest room of my grandma's house today!

You can always go cheap ... go the ikea route like the beds below... but I question the quality... the durability... the safety. However the 2nd Ikea option below, does separate into two quite handsome twins.

Bed Source
Bed Source

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