Friday, May 20, 2011


T-Yarn... aka Tshirt yarn is yarn... made by old t-shirts. I had a pile in my room destined for salvation army. But then I decided instead to make t-shirt yarn. Not every t-shirt I had was t-yarn friendly, but for the sake of recycling... I used it anyway. I used multiple tutorials. The one I used the most was this from Polka Dot Pinnapple. I however did not stop at the sleeves and used every bit of the shirt I possibly could. I used the sleeves and the tops and for short pieces, I pieced them together using this method from Tottie Talk Crafts. It's a good tutorial and easy to do.

Most sites suggest you only use shirts with no side seams for one perfect long piece of yarn. But I'm using these tshirt yarn pieces for a rug... to be stepped on. Why should I discriminate against fabrics. I used the same method and didn't care that those seems didn't curl well. I also used the spots that had screen printing on them. Most times, it curled and the screen print was invisible on the inside. If the point was upcycling... I wasn't going to get too fussy. It's for a rug after all.

So last night before bed, while Paul was watching hockey, I took out my self healing mat & my rotary fabric cutter and went to work. I cut 5 t-shirts and found that the long flowing body pieces to be the best, but still joined the sleeves and upper parts for nice fun patches of colors that will vary with every few stitches. I think in the end it will be perfect.

If I was making a basket or trivet, or even a nicer style rug, I may chose to only use the nice seamless pieces, but honestly, I don't they'll even show in the crochet. If I was knitting though... they might. Crocheting is so forgiving... I love it!

Anyway, if you are in the NY tri-state and want to hand some t-shirts over... I'll take them :). I can't wait to actually start working with it. So far I've only been making it.

I have my big ole hook from my bulk yarn free and wanting to be used... I hope it's big enough.

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