Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Apartment Crochet Project

So I'm working... slowly but surely, on my granny square blanket that I hope to eventually have in the guest room of our new apartment. I love the work up of colors, which you can see here. I'll need to get another picture soon, during the day when you can get a real sense of the color choices. I was thinking about what color to bind them in. I was going to just join them with a single crochet around, but then I thought maybe they needed a border and be joined that way.

I bought the yarn a bit ago on sale at Michaels. It's an acrylic and though, not a material of choice, is inexpensive and easy to work up (don't hate me). The yarn is Loops & Threads: Impeccable Yarn.

The colors look nuts, I know! And they are to a certain degree. They don't exactly match, but they don't exactly clash either. You probably don't believe me right? See they really do look nicer here in the natural light!

I think it works. The part I'm most confused about is the color to bind them with. I could technically let the stitches show, but it may look bad. I'm unsure. I don't think the colors are random and many enough to just simply stitch them together like this... so I was thinking buying a 6th color... Pumpkin if I can find it? But it seems like only a seasonal color. If I can't - maybe I can go with this heather color. Thoughts?

So yeah - we'll see. Hopefully it comes out fabulous and we can lay it on the day bed. It's a nice reminder of what we can do with our hands :).

I also want to start 1 more project. I want to crochet our welcome mat for our future apartment. Moving away from NY is kind of hard for me. Our current welcome mat says "Leave" on it. It's not very polite but we thought it was funny at the time. Now I just think it's rude. It's served it's purpose for the last 4 years and maybe now, it's finally time for something new. I'd like to make it myself.

I found this photo and pattern in Crochet Today website. It's a simple pattern with lovely summer colors. It's what originally inspired me. I'm sure this would be a filthy soggy mess in no time, but can't you just picture it in front of the kitchen sink?

The key with crocheting a door mat would be it's durability. It will get stepped on, it will get wet, and it will get dirty. So I googled and read and searched for ideas... this is what I found!

Can you believe this rug is made from plastic bags from... well hot dog buns, bread, etc... Neat right? So you are being good about recycling too!

This is made from plastic grocery bags! Still a great idea!

This pretty thing is made from jute that you can buy at the hardware store! Even the 99 cent store!

This is made of sisal which is harder on the hands. I actually like this one best!

See how pretty these homemade welcome mats are!

The best part is that it would be really giving something of myself to our home. It's something I need to do ... to feel at home, in my home.

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