Monday, May 23, 2011


This morning before I left for worked, I used the tabo method. It's a water scooper essentially, and is used as a manual bidet in the Philippines. I grew up using this method and still do on many occasions. Toilet paper alone, just doesn't leave me feeling clean.

So I thought it was funny when today, I was reading my google reader and read about cloth diapers & cloth wipes. I thought, if you can use a cloth wipe on a child, can't you use a cloth wipe on an adult? You sure can. But the thought of wiping (especially #2) with a piece of cloth I'd later have to wash (especially if that #2 wasn't mine) is gross. But ... when we #2, if we are using the tabo & soap anyway and only using the wipes to dry off, wouldn't that not be too bad? It would highly reduce the use of toilet paper in our home. Which would decrease our costs, decrease our waste & keep our pipes nice and clear!

So yeah, I use a tabo & so does the rest of my family. I feel cleaner for it. My American friends and my Argentina/PR husband don't quite get it. And because of that I consider installing a bidet/diaper sprayer in our future home.

I plan to use cloth diapers for our children, and why not use cloth wipes too? It seems like if you are washing dirty soiled diapers anyway... you may as well wash the wipes along with them. And ... why teach a child to use cloth only to potty train them on the toilet using paper?

Paul, what do you think? Would you ever be willing to make the switch? I would never not have toilet paper. I think subjecting guests to a cloth wipe may just be too much... but I think it would be great!

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