Friday, May 6, 2011


So today I decided to revisit the news. Osama Bin Ladin is dead - and the news following that moment predominately discussed 9/11, the take down, and AlQaeda. Before that moment, the news predominately discussed the royal wedding of Price William & Kate Middleton. And even before that it was about the 300+ dead & dying in the US south due to horrific and massive tornadoes. And still before that was the destruction in Japan after the record breaking earthquake. And shadowed by all of this are those left swimming out of their homes in these massive floods.

Today I logged onto CNN and was struck with emotion I haven't felt in quite sometime because of the pictures I saw. I don't know if it's because of the dredged up memories of 9/11... having been so close, having seen the destruction from my dorm room window, having all that brought back up and regurgitated coupled with the images of those suffering in Japan, our South, and those along the Mississippi River. I don't know. All I do know is that I'm here ... in my office, and my biggest fear is resigning from my job and moving to Boston. These people are fearing for lost family members, radiation, starving, having no home or shelter, having no clean water, having ... nothing. And I'm worried about finding a job and the reaction of my current employers.

I want to take some time off between jobs. I wanted to do this to give me some time to myself. To help me settle into my new home. To help me adjust. And to spend a bit more time with family before I go. But maybe... maybe I can spare, even 4 days to travel to our neighbors and help. Even if it's just organizing clean sheets, distributing water, or dolling out food. It could be in a warehouse somewhere, organizing donated garments & supplies. It would be help. I think I owe humanity at least 4 days of unselfishness.
So I ask my husband and my family to support me if I decide to do this. I think I want to help in a tangible way and not just by writing a check. If I can, I want to. Is that okay?

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