Friday, May 20, 2011

No-Poo Update

I planned to wash my hair this morning. I begged my husband to give my scalp a sniff. Usually after about 2 days of not washing he tells me my head stinks. This was back when I used traditional shampoo. Though my shampoos were more natural or organic then conventional shampoo, they were still stripping my hair and scalp of all it's natural oils.

This morning, to my surprise, he said my head had no smell at all. That my hair didn't smell bad. This utterly shocked me! Well mostly because... It's Friday... I haven't washed my hair since Monday! That's usually a big sign it's time to wash my hair.

I did use my coconut and lavender oils on my hair this week. But my hair doesn't even seem overly oily.

So maybe my head and hair are already beginning to adjust well to this no-poo change!

I am pretty excited about it. The itching isn't completely gone, but it's not much worse than when I was using shampoo. We shall see where this goes!

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