Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And this little piggy went...

Why is the piggy so misunderstood? I've been sleeping with my stuffed pig similar to the pig below for years. I even got into it with Paul because he actually gets jealous of my little plus sleeping mate. I search for him in the night if he falls off the bed. And I stroke his 'fur' when I'm having a rough day or going through anything emotionally draining. He's my little savior.
Most people know that I'm fairly obsessed with pigs and frogs. I joke that animals that play in mud and feces all day are animals I can relate to. I think pigs are just misunderstood.

Today I received my cake toppers - you can see them on my earlier post. I was thrilled and excited. I was so happy with them. I sent a picture of them to my mom and she just didn't get it. She was like, "Pigs? why pigs?"

In any event, I was a bit disappointed she couldn't see the fun in the pigs. It's okay. I actually think Paul's mom is more aware of my pig obsession than my own mother. She even picks up a pig or frog figurine for me once in a while.

I read a fellow bride's blog who said Parents keep out... basically that she wasn't going to share her plans with family anymore because they always seemed to disagree rather than support her ideas. I think maybe I'll have to do the same. I'll have to make it all a surprise! We are doing this wedding our way... because it's our wedding. And one day when we have a child and it's their turn, I hope that they have the balls and the creativity to do the same!

At the end of it all.... all I really need to be sure of is that I'm doing the right thing for me and Paul... and if I am... all will be okay.

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