Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sequim, WA

No I don't know why... I read books... they take place all over God's beautiful earth. And sometimes I get attached... to places I've never been.

I want to live in Sequim. Maybe not forever... but for a while. Because it seems... well amazing.

On a map you can find Sequim in northern Washington. For all you Twilight fanatics out there... it's east of Port Angles. The soaring Olympic Mountains grace the city’s southern border and the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca create a northern boundary. How can that not seem amazing?

Sequim is home to many many commercial lavender farmers. They are only rivaled by France. The climate is one to be admired. Despite it's PNW location, it averages less than 15inches of rain per year due to it's location (near the mountains) and can be considered a desert.

I'm dying to attend the Sequim annual lavender festival. To see the lighthouse. Live there... maybe?

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