Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It brings a smile to my face

It really brings a smile to my face to hear stories of my baby bro and sis. They are pretty hilarious and I love it. K is 6 and spoiled to death and A is 11 going on 21. A is so good with K. She plays with him, protects him, takes care of him... she really is a good big sis, but of course she's a tween and she wants some alone time... and sometimes she yells, "K, get out of my room! Stop following me! Leave me alone!" But they are close. They really do love each other... a lot.

Last weekend, I spent it up in the pool goofing off with my brother and sister. One night, K and I found a frog which he immediately caught and we used to scare my mother. My brother and I proceeded to throw balls at each other. Somewhat like dodgeball, but more balls and you can't be out. Anyway, the frog was hiding under the table. When K went to check on el sapo he fumbled a bit and toppled over. Of course a trick was in order.

I told him that he had squished the frog with his butt. I told him the frog guts were wet and gooey all over his shorts and that he ha murdered the poor frog. K of course was freaking out. Part of him was sad he murdered a poor innocent frog and another was disgusted that he had frog gut on his booty. I told him to strip down. I decided to help him, making sure to only touch the front of his shorts and only using 2 fingers. I was very careful. He ran inside to tell A who immediately said eww and made sure to keep the joke going (she must have known I had him going). Once it was all over and he was running around the deck naked, I told him to take a look. He walked over and picked up his shorts with 2 fingers to inspect his shorts. I think grabbed the shorts and rubbed them all over his face screaming bloody murder. He freaked out. I began laughing and told him the frog was still safe and sound hopping along and there were no frog guts on his butt. Once the initial shock of my evil trick wore off, he actually cried complaining to my mom I had tricked him. It was a mixture of pure fear, anxiety and embarrassment that induced the water works. That of course made me laugh at him more. Once he was calm... after my mom told him to get a grip, he came up to me, slapped my arm and told me to NEVER do that again! It was a evil and mean trick.... and lucky for me... he is just like me.

The other night, he wanted to play a trick on A. He told my Mom to give her some warning. He went into the room where A was watching TV. This was the interaction:
K: "Hey A, Mom let me pee in a bottle" (yes on long trips this has happened and K finds it awesome)
A: "Eww!"
K: "Here wanna see it?" (while holding a small bottle of pineapple soda)
A: "No, get away from me! That's disgusting!" (running to my mom)
A: "Mom, why did you let him pee in a bottle?"
K: "A look!" (as he drank the pineapple soda)

A squirmed and squealed and was completely disgusted for a few seconds until it kicked in her head that she'd been had.

K then went up to my mom and whispered "I can't believe that she believed me"

That's my bro! Pranksters for life!

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