Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping with the fam

Camping with anyone can be stressful. Especially when they aren't seasoned campers. Camping with 11 people is even more stressful. Make 5 of those people from another family... even more stress. Now lets say that 4 of those people are under 18 years of age and 2 are between 19-21. It becomes a mess.

But, it all worked out in the end. We went swimming at the beach before the rest of the clan arrived. We roasted marshmellows, had BBQ food, went rafting, played football, went fishing, and went on the lake with rented canoes. It was a good time.

Driving home past the lake after dropping the gear off at my Mom's

Our set up - Lauren & Bryan's Green tent and My Mom's blue one

Resting after 2 hand touch football in the sweltering sun

Fishing at the lake

Amanda entertaining herself on the long trip

This boy loves everything nature... and I love that

Can you tell who is excited to get on the road?

Yeah, that car was packed tight

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