Friday, July 23, 2010


I've already blogged my disastrous weekend in Chicago... and I've noticed I've changed. I actually get annoyed when I hear about Paul's roomie. I don't like to see his pathetic updates on facebook (a place he posts pictures of his meals, his view, his clothes, his laundry - yep he's pathetic). I don't like to hear Paul's conversations that start with "we". I really really dislike the guy. I don't know if I'm more excited for Paul to come home so that we can actually be together or because I'll be happy this kid will be out of our lives.

Before Paul moved to Boston the 1st time, I expressed that I hoped he wouldn't have a roommate. I've never had one since Freshman year of College and I could never picture how it'd be like visiting my fiance in a house he shared with virtual strangers. As it turned out, I hardly visited him anyway. He came home often and there was little need for me to take the trip up. This summer, he got a roommate in Chicago since he'd only be there for 3 months. It made perfect sense. But already I didn't like it while I was there. This coming semester he will have 2 roommates that I haven't yet met. I think visiting will again be strange.

No one wants to feel like their most intimate moments can be heard muffled through the thin walls, but worse yet, no one wants to share their few moments with their loved one. You want that person all to yourself. After all, those people have him every single day... and you only have him for that 1 or 2.

It's only 1 more year... not even. Come May, Paul will have graduated... hopefully at the near top of his class with a great job offer in his hand. We will be just the two of us, truly beginning our married lives together. And he did promise never to leave me and force us to do long distance again.


Paul Rios said...

I don't think its fair to Noe. You are projecting your hate of sharing me onto anyone you have to share me with!

dorkus maximus

Lilia said...

Did you actually READ the Chicago post? That kid was so far up our asses, I'm surprised that mofo didn't climb into bed to sleep between the two of us.

It is fair... I don't like him. Unfortunately it's not fair to your future roommates... because contrary to what you say... I'm afraid I may project my dislike of Noe to your future roomies.

Get it strait bub.

now you are down to 3.9/10