Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So much wedding stuff to do but when even just the little things get done... it's a huge relief.

Yesterday I received my rehearsal dinner shoes. That means my Friday night attire is complete! The Evening is not formal... it's more casual, but I wouldn't call it jeans and sneakers casual. I however, will be looking pretty for my man. After all, it's his last night to change his mind and he has to leave me Friday night without a hint of doubt in his mind! That means... best behavior, pretty smile, sweat words & of course... many many I love you's.

My dress is from London Times.
The color is a bit more bronze taupe than gold, but you get the idea.
I must admit that it is very classy!
Here are the shoes I bought to match... for a whopping $35 at Nine West.
I think they are a bit dark but will do the trick.
Did I mention I LOVE my rehearsal dinner outfit!?

In addition, I received my bridal shoes. I won't be posting pictures because Paul wants to be completely in the dark about every detail regarding my appearance for our big day. He won't know heads nor tails about what I will be wearing until the chapel doors open! I love that he is traditional like that.

What I can tell you, my shoes fit, are comfortable and are exactly as I pictured them. They are more than perfect, they are divine! And they are even better because they were a bit cheaper than our wedding budget allocation!

And I also received our lovely, adorable, perfect cake topper piggies. They are pink, they are plump, and they are oh so cute! And they aren't as small as I thought they'd be... so my worries are gone. They are perfection! I mean how cute are these?! They are so Paul and I... on many plump levels! I think they are the one wedding purchase I can feel 110% about!

Now if only I can find someone to do my hair & makeup, our cake & of course our ceremony music.

Once those last 3 headaches are gone... the only BIG HUGE headache that remains will be our families craziness over how to get to Breckenridge, what to do while they are there and of course... how they will pay for it. I wish they'd get it together but lets face it... they never have it together. I'll just need to keep concentrating on why I'll be there... to marry the man I'm destined to be with for the rest of my life.

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