Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today, Paul pissed me off...

Actually Paul got me pretty upset last night. I slip his mind often and sometimes it makes me sad. It bothers me when he doesn't call till past 10PM... I mean phone calls are all we have these days - we need to do them before I fall asleep!

Anyway this morning he was driving me crazy and his inability to be nice to me or apologize while other people are within ear shot is both childish and ridiculous. Frankly, what I think of him is FAR more important than what any midget sounding chick in the back seat thinks, let alone the coworkers he doesn't even go to school with.

I'll soon be his WIFE. His family. His partner. What I think of him matters! Because I can still walk away and if I find that his concern is for others... if he puts me last... if I'm not all that important - well, I will walk away.

But I've had some time to cool off... and I miss him. I miss him a lot. I feel so shitty right now. I may have some type of sinus or respiratory infection ... and Paul comes home today! I want to be in my most tip top shape. I want to be healthy. I don't want to be bundled up in a quilt coughing and sneezing into an endless supply of tissues complaining that my entire being hurts.

And worse yet, tomorrow - tomorrow is Paul's birthday. I wanted to wear something he could still think my fat ass is sexy in. I wanted to not be a sniffling mess. I wanted to enjoy a nice dinner without the taste of mucus in my throat and without disgusting other patrons with my endless sneezing.

Oh boy - I hope I get better soon - like within the next few hours soon!

Boo to being sick and boo to long distance relationships. They both make life miserable.

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