Thursday, July 15, 2010

This girl was brilliant!

I read a blog on wedding bee today and it struck me as genius!

My invitations need to be ordered, but we are pretty sure we know what we are getting. We've decided on the wording. We've decided on the times. We've decided on the quantity and the extras. We are going as basic as possible.

We aren't having them print the addresses. We aren't having them line the envelopes. basic. basic. basic.

In the end, who would really notice?

But I was trying to think of ideas of how to address the envelopes. Short of printing them on clear labels, I didn't really know what I'd do.

This woman printed the addresses directly on the envelopes and then went over them with gold/silver pen. It seems brilliant. But lets face it... its brilliant anyway. If I can print the addresses on the envelopes directly - with a nice font, who needs to trace them. I' can probably be happy with that!

So lets hope that works!

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