Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Bag Ideas

I'd love to get each of my guests a canvas bag, but it may not be in the budget. Instead we will likely end up with paper bags. Hopefully the trees won't hate me forever.

I'd love to include many cute and delightful items in everyone's welcome bags, but who knows what will work out for us.

One must are water bottles. They will help with altitude sickness and who doesn't want a nice bottle of water once arriving at their hotel that they don't have to pay $4 for. I'd love to include personalized labels on these bottles. I've already asked Paul if we can get them done. We decided to print and cut all our labels in NY and bring them with us (along with my trusty hot glue gun and some glue sticks). After a trip to the grocery store, we will get to adorning the bottles with our custom labels!
(picture from

Another must have item are Tea Bags for those chilly winter nights. I found this lovely DIY Tea Bag favor idea! I don't know if we will have the patience for this one but it's super cute and would be super affordable! Maybe we can even buy some matte tea bags to introduce a little Argentine culture to our guests!

Then maybe some granola bars, chips, and some Colorado local treats.

I'm working on a DIY map of the area as well as a DIY drawn itinerary for our guests. I'm not that artistic so this one may be a stretch for me.

Check out the sample map I made below (click for larger image):

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