Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The rise of the minimoon

I suppose with the economy where it's at, minimoons are at an all time high. I've dreamed of my honeymoon far more than I've dreamed of my wedding day. I still picture beaches, fun drinks, romantic dinners, 4 wheelers, hikes, waterfalls, cliff jumps, boats, and so much more. But sadly, our last name is neither Kardashian or Hilton and our bank accounts can't handle our wedding and a full honeymoon. Thus the minimoon is born.

Being that our wedding is set at the base of Breckenridge, CO, we don't have far to go for our minimoon. We will simply just stay there. We have booked our hotel room for 10 days and will staying for a full week after the wedding. But here is where I am conflicted... Paul vs Snowboarding vs Friends.

Some friends and family are also staying after the wedding... for at least 1 day. We are planning on snowboarding and doing dinner with our families on Sunday. We plan on hanging and with no plans. Just everyone going about what they want to do and us peeking in and joining where we can. We plan on snowboarding and skiing with the friends and family who stay on Sunday... and I'm sure laughs will be had at the beginners expense.

After they leave we'll still be left with some friends and family... snowboarders... who intend to stay and take full advantage of their trip to CO. My confusion... when do you stop? When do you say... okay guys... we are saying goodbye because right now... we start our minimoon?

Another issue is snowboarding in general. Knowing Paul and I... we will want to take full advantage of our time in CO to eat up every drop of fresh snow we can... fresh lines everywhere! But - as romantic as snowboarding can be... it really can't be that romantic. When to we say enough is enough and do something else? And when we decide enough is enough... what else is there to do that won't leave us wishing we were snowboarding?

Oh why are we so ridiculously obsessed!?!?! I mean look at our engagement shoot!

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