Monday, July 12, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Wedding cake is something that came with my sister's venue. She was lucky. Now that I see cakes at a minimum are $5 per person, I have to wonder if cake is even worth it. Who pays $5 for a slice of cake that was sitting in the fridge for days before consumption. I suppose I will be paying this hefty price... why, because it's tradition. Because we'll be taking some cheesy pictures with it. Because everything with wedding in the description are a rip off. So on top of this hefty price, we are also charged a set up and take down fee of $50. Yey me!

Both these cakes were done by Katy of Sugar. She is a highly recommended and one of the only bakers to do wedding cakes in town. I like the idea of both cakes but I don't like the color of the snowflake cake. She recommends a 3 tier cake of all white and ivory. There would be snowflakes on the bottom and top tiers and mountain and tree piping on the center tier. I like it, but at $6 per person + $50 set up fee, I don't know if it's worth it. I know my cousin is a baker. I know it's lots of hard work, but lets face it... at the end of they day, it's a freaking cake! Made with eggs, and flour, and sugar, etc... it's not made of organic eggs and milk, it's not made of fillet mignon, it's not made of precious metals. Why is it so expensive?! That ends up being $350 for a cake... a cake.

I suppose in the end, one has no choice. This wedding is giving me sticker shock and I do not like it!

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