Monday, July 12, 2010


My bridesmaids are few... my 2 sisters. They are the most important women in my life and it only makes sense to have them standing at my side when I utter the most important words of my life.

Shopping for dresses for them has not been an easy task. 1 sister is 27, slender, short, petite... tiny... teensy - get it? The other is 11 going on 21, a tween, yet full figured, young, tom boy meets pink fluff, she's an enigma, she's kinda like me.

A dress that looks good on one does not look good on the other. That's okay. I honestly don't need matching dresses.

Amanda chose this yesterday. It's cute on her and perfect... though she wants lapis over marine... do I oblige?

The dress Amanda chose in both Marine and Lapis. It's cute and fits her age. I found a matching shrug that looks adorable with it.
Lauren's 1st choice at the moment
A Dress I fell in love with but was not what Amanda liked best. Maybe Lauren will like it? It's so me, but I'm not the one to be wearing it.

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